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Letter to the Editor Re: Harun Yahya

Re:  Harun Yahya

By Syed Aslam

In response to Mr. Anwarul Islam’s letter to editor (Muslim Observer April 4, 2009) I would like to say that I don’t agree with his arguments. He admits in his letter that he knows nothing about evolution, yet he choses to make a comment about it. Is it not foolish to say that the Theory of Relativity has a flaw just  because I don’t  understand it?

In my response to Mr. Yahya’s interview, I tried to explain the theory of evolution on geological, biological and on molecular basis.  It is Mr. Islam’s lack understanding of scientific subjects that lead him to believe that I have seen  evolution is taking place in my back-yard.

The main stream press which Mr. Islam is referring to, like Newsweek, Time, National Geographic and the New York Tims, all have published  articles supporting evolution. But since Mr. Islam has no knowledge of the subject, it is not possible for him to  extract the relevant  information from it?

He say the theory of evolution is still a work in progress, so are all the scientific theories, nothing is absolute or perfect except God.  The Scientific community thought until very recently (1980)  that life can not exist without the aid of photosynthesis, well life evolved  in  a very inhospitable environment   deep down on the dark ocean floor, deriving energy from hydrogen sulfide, a very poisonous gas  coming out from a very hot volcanic  vent (350o C).

Till seventeenth century people of the other faith believed that earth was flat and is the center of universe. On the basis of their believe they burnt Italian astronomer Bruno (1600 CE) on the stake and imprisoned Galileo for supporting heliocentric theory (Earth moving around Sun). There are many people who still believe that earth is flat and six thousand year old, what can you do about it, except try to educate them about the truth. 

Syed Aslam       


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