Letter to the Editor — Why Print Elder George ?

To the President, Editor and Board of Directors


For months, I have been reading in every issue of your newspaper what Elder George has to say and every time I finish his section wondering; why does the Muslim Observer give this man a steady corner in every issue? Do you agree with his opinions that much? Don’t you sense the hate he harbor for women when he blames every problem in the society on them? Do you support his positions on the so called “honor killings” or the Violence Against Women Act? I looked hopelessly in his writing for solutions for the problems he says our societies face and found none. His website was disappointing too. Who is he? Why don’t you use your paper for more useful writings by reasonable, wise intelligent writers instead of this extreme man who keeps complaining about the other gender?

Thank you for your time.




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  1. syed saboor
    syed saboor says:

    I for one would like to commend Elder George, because he makes so much sense, and unlike others, he is honest in his appraisal of society and the deep underlying problems that face contemporary society. Don’t worry about the criticism that he gets. He is certainly a gifted writer in a league of his own.