Letter to the Editor

Dear Sirs,

I am disappinted in your article aboutThe HUDA Clinic and The Detroit Muslim Mission soup kitchen/pantry. I am the chairman of the HUDA Clnic and the executive director of The Detroit Muslim Mission.

The article was not researched enough, but we thank you for the coverage.

The article did not give the adress or correst phone number of the clinic. It did not give the correct name of The Muslim Center (Mosque & Community Center) or The Detroit Muslim Mission, a non-profit organization, which operates the projects out of The Muslim Center. Nor does the article name the principles involved. The article interviewed staff who only have a limited understanding of the projects.

I guess any PR is good.


Mitchell Shamsud-Din

Mr. Shamsud-Din:

Thank you for writing us.

Your cooperation and that of other well-connected and knowledgeable Muslims is essential to our work, so please stay in touch with us to establish lines of communication and insha`Allah that will be reflected in better-quality and better-informed articles. We make do with minimal staffing and equipment, so we have to rely on input from community representatives. Some communities maintain excellent interfaces and lines of communication with us (sometimes even hiring people specifically for dealing with us). We need cooperation and friendly relations with all Muslim communities in order to do good work.

We want to appeal to all Muslims, and your cooperation is vital to this, so please work with us in the future if possible.

The Muslim Observer

For the record, The Muslim Center (Mosque & Community Center), where the HUDA clinic and the Saturday soup kitchen are based, is at 1605 W. Davison Road, in southwest Detroit. The HUDA clinic website is www.hudaclinic.com, and its phone number is 313-867-6770.


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