Live with the Confidence of ALLAH’S Grace

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Live with the Confidence of ALLAH’S Grace

By Imam Abdullah El-Amin, TMO

ALLAH, ta, created all of us from a single soul and endowed all of us with special gifts and qualities that are unique to us individually.  Each human being has the opportunity to make whatever we do the best.

But sometimes we forget about the special place ALLAH has placed us on.  We sometimes look at the gifts of others and put them on a pedestal higher than the one ALLAH has placed us on.  We will think someone is handsomer or prettier than we are.  Or we might think they are smarter or have a more perfectly built body.

But ALLAH, Almighty   has endowed each and every one of us with special gifts that are cause to celebrate.   

This is why it is ludicrous to put other people on a pedestal higher than yours. Carry yourself in a confident manner.  Hold your head high and look people in the eye as you talk to them.  You are royalty.  Don’t hold yourself back.   Go forward and celebrate yourself with no fear.  After all, no one you come in contact with is is better than you in the sight of Almighty ALLAH.    You are the special creation of Almighty ALLAH.  You come from the Ultimate Family…The family of ALLAH.

We should go through life with the feeling that every person and everything we come in contact with is there to serve us…because it is.  I was recently in a clothing store returning some merchandise to be exchanged.  The saleslady said there was no way that was going to happen because of some glitch.  I told her that it certainly could happen because in this age of technology anything is possible.  At this time, the manager came forward and entered a special code and the problem was solved. 

Now if I had let the first lady’s pronouncement go, I would not have accomplished my goal.  But with the attitude that everything and everyone was there to serve me, I was going to succeed.  I was reminded of the truth of the saying, “the difference between success and failure is one more try.  If you quit, you have surely failed.  But if you continue, some way, somehow, you will succeed.

I am also reminded of the tenacity of the early band of Muslims who were fleeing persecution from the Meccan’s.  With the enemy in pursuit of them, The Muslims sought refuge with an African Christian King on the advance instructions of the Prophet Muhammad, (as).   The King Negus was about to give the Muslims up to their enemies, but being steadfast and full of faith, they quoted some Qur’an and softened the king’s heart and the Meccans’ were sent back empty handed. 

Knowing your special place it should behoove you to take care of yourself.  Take care of your body and mind.  It is ALLAH’S gift to you. Eat sensibly and exercise regularly.   ALLAH made a gift to you and it would be like a slap in the face to Him and a detriment to you if you just let it rot.

Live with confidence like the royalty you are.

As Salaam alaikum
Al Hajj Imam Abdullah El-Amin


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