Los Angeles Shows Solidarity With Egypt

By Susan Schwartz, MMNS

Hundreds of demonstrators protested in front of the Federal Building and the Egyptian Consulate this past weekend in three separate demonstrations demanding that Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak step down. Chanting and waving signs in both Arabic and English, the demonstrators called for freedom for the Egyptian people.

The demonstrators expressed their support for and their solidarity with the demonstrators in the streets of Egypt and urged them to continue their fight. They also called on Americans to pressure their representatives and demand the removal of Mubarak and those surrounding him so that freedom and justice in Egypt would have a voice.

The demonstrations were announced only a few days earlier in the week, yet managed to draw a considerable crowd not only from Los Angeles but from the surrounding area. Protestors were young and old, Arab and non-Arab, group affiliated and independent.

The demonstrations took place along Wilshire Boulevard, a main Los Angeles thoroughfare. Cars stopped to show their solidarity with the event or simply honked their horns. Some passersby joined the demonstration in an impromptu show of support; others simply stopped to speak to members of the crowd.

Perhaps because of the short planning period for the event the protest seemed more spontaneous with people speaking out unrehearsed in the crowd. The flag of Egypt was everywhere as were signs. Signs included: “No Mubarak; No Suliman; No More Ruling Military Man”; “Step Down You Traitor”, and :Mubarak = Zionist”. 

The animated and enthusiastic crowd chanted: “Mubarak Mubarak, You will See; Someday Egypt will be Free”.

Follow up activities are in the planning stage.


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