Madrassah Islamiah

By Bilal Husain

This year Madrassah Islamiah Women/Girls section held a special Islamic Studies summer Program for the kids. It was a unique program which was named as Tarbiyat ul Banat Wal Atfal Islamic Studies Program. During the tenure of this program kids were imparted with the basic Islamic Knowledge in a systematic way with special focus on promoting their intellectual capabilities & Islamic Educational needs. Since last three years, people of Houston are more eagerly been enrolling their kids than before for this program which is an open evidence of its amazing success. MashAllah.

This year a beautiful prize distribution ceremony was held in Shahnai Reception Hall on August/5th/2010. Besides the student and their mothers, a huge  number of guests attended the ceremony including Lady Doctors, Engineers, Professionals and Housewives. The participation of such a big number of Ladies and mothers shows that the city of Houston is deeply in need of such hard working institutes with vision and diligent workers.

The kid’s ceremony started with beautiful recitation of Quran by young Qaria Tooba Fatima. it was followed by Kids’ performances in Nasheeds, Quizes and their exclusive informative presentations. Guests were also presented with the highlights of the entire summer sessions. The hall was decorated soberly with kids’ Islamic arts and crafts projects, that each one was conveying Islamic message to the audience.  One interesting aspect of the ceremony was the special kids’ journal issued  by Madrassah Islamiah girls section for the first time in Houston. This journal named as Biyaz Ul Iman. It was all embellished with kids’ own pieces of Islamic poetry , articles and creative writings. The renowned scholar Moulana Muhammad Yousaf Islahi of India has forwarded a special acknowledgement letter for this unique Journal which is presented in the first few pages of the journal. It was a surprise for mothers and they were proud to see their kids’ talents preserved in such a way. Moms expressed their views about the program in quite an emotional way and appreciated the care and hard work of teachers in glowing words.

The prize winning students were awarded with their prizes in different educational activities. The first prize in the category of academics for class 3 went to Hunain Malik, for class 2 Iqra Rafi and for class 1 prize was given to Abdullah Haq. The ceremony was culminated with Dua and all the guests were presented with gifts of Tasbeeh and booklets of Duas & Darood. A very delicious lunch was served afterwards which was enjoyed by all.

The majority of the graduates of this program come from the refugee families of Somalia, Nigeria, Iraq & Afghanistan etc. the educational standard of the program is excellent in all aspects, however its monthly fee is only 50 dollars and that also for the ones who can afford. The purpose of holding this ceremony in Shehnai Reception hall had been to show to the Muslim brothers and sisters from such poor countries that all Muslims are equal and are far and above the linguistic, geographical and monitory differences. Another main purpose was to instill the love of Allah & His beloved Rasool Sallal Laho Allieh Wasalam in the hearts and minds of young innocent Muslims in such a way that it can not be eradicated by any foreign influences.

Management of Shahnai Restaurant and all the other well wishers who contributed to make this kids event a success deserve much congratulations & acknowledgement. May Allah reward them amply.

Madrassah Islamiah girls section offers courses for ladies & girls. That include  Quranic Tajweed & Tarteel Class in Urdu and in English, Tafseer, Hadith, fiqh & Dars for Sisters. Anyone interested can contact Ladies section for further details and enrollment.


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