Maintaining A Spiritual Link

By Elder George

The media governs what we talk about each day. It decides what we consider to be important. It takes us away from the world that God has created and focuses on the world that man has created. One way to return to our spiritual roots is to participate in daily prayers. Some people meditate; others go for a walk in the woods to return to God’s creation. By maintaining our spiritual link we can avoid becoming engulfed by transitory material matters.

To address the narrow materialistic paradigm of Western thought I wrote the following essay several years ago. I hope that it will be of some benefit to you.


A newborn child begins his cubist journey through Western society when he is placed in a cube called a nursery. He leaves the hospital in another cube called a car, which brings him to another cube called a home. Everything that the child does and sees occurs in a cube. His parents take him out in the family cube and bring him to other cubes such as stores, offices, and restaurants. He is educated in a large cube called the school where he goes into a smaller cube called the classroom. As he gets older he travels in other cubes such as subways and railroads to go to other cubes such as the movies, or to visit someone. All his learning takes place in a cube, and when he finishes school and seeks a job it might be in a big cube called an office building or a factory, where he might work in a little cube called a cubicle. If the child grew up in the city or even suburbia, he had very little exposure to life outside the cube. On those occasions when he spent time outside of the cube he probably couldn’t assimilate what he saw because his senses hadn’t been developed to respond to non-cube influences.

Cubes do not occur in nature, nor do straight lines and flat surfaces, nor do single colors and monochromatic hues, nor do monotones. Forests have vegetation composed of all shades of green that grow on bushes or trees that have all shades of brown up to black, and have stones and rocks around them with a full spectrum of coloring. Light intensity continually varies due to the movement of the trees in the wind and the clouds in the sky, and the sounds of the forest come in various pitches and intensities. The forest floor has irregular shapes and densities. The forest is a pulsating, gender motivated, natural environment; God created it.

The environment of the cube differs completely form that of the forest. The cube is usually painted in one solid color, the fluorescent bulbs provide constant intensity lighting, the floor is flat and of one density; and the sounds whether coming form the air conditioner, fan, or radio tend to be of one pitch or of extreme dissonance. The cube is a static, genderless, unnatural environmentman created it.

Cubists know a lot about the workings of cars, planes, stereos, computers, cell phones, and videos; however, they do not know the name of the tree that brushes against the window of their cube, or the bird that sits in its branches. Cubists think they are smart, modern, and enlightened and view people who live outside of the cube as primitive and ignorant. They do no realize that those who dwell outside the cube live a more natural and spiritual life that keeps them healthier and happier.

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