Martin Luther King Day

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Martin Luther King Day

By Ahmed Al-Hilali, TMO

Martin Luther King Day is and always will be a day to make a difference. At the Detroit Friendship House, every day makes a difference. The Detroit Friendship House is a kind of soup kitchen; there are free snacks lined up on a table, and people in need can come in almost any day of the week and take their share of food.  But on Martin Luther King Day, things were a little different. The Friendship House partnered a project with ACCESS ACTS, an Arab American Youth group. The main purpose of this project was to create 100 bags filled with a water bottle, crackers, Fiber One bars, and papers about MLK, and on Tuesday, a Hamtramck school will come and distribute it to the needy kids.

“I could be sitting down doing nothing, but instead I’m using my time wisely,” said Amney Iskander, ACCESS ACTS volunteer. “I came out today to make a difference in the community, to help the underprivileged.”

But it doesn’t matter what day it is for you to go out and help the community, as Martin Luther King said, “The time is always now to do what is right,” every day should be a day to help the people who need it. Felicia Wells, executive director of The Detroit Friendship House, understands this fully.

“People who give back to the community,” Said Felicia, “tend to always be there when needed.”


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