Medical Journal Prints Article About Qur`an and Cardiovascular Health

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Medical Journal Prints Article About Qur`an and Cardiovascular Health

By TMO Stringer

The International Journal of Cardiology has published a 5,000 word analysis of the beneficial and accurate teachings of Qur`an in relation to the heart.

Mario Loukas, Yousuf Saad, R. Shane Tubbs, and Mohamadali M. Shoja together wrote this analysis, first briefly of the beneficial effects generally of Qur`an and Sunnah on health, and then more particularly focusing on their benefits in relation to cardiology. 

The study is written, either by non-Muslims or at least for the consumption of non-Muslims, so many Muslims will be somewhat offput by statements in the article, which refer to “the authors of Qur`an.”  However despite this the article is a beautiful and enlightening look at Qur`an which describes many prophetic remedies and which discusses important matters relating to the care and protection and continued health of the human heart.

An example of the article’s analysis relates to alcohol; here the article refers to the Qur`an’s saying  that while there is good in alcohol, there is also harm, and the harm outweighs the good.  “Alcoholism affects virtually all organs of the body … and can cause numerous problems including liver cirrhosis, pancreatic insufficiency, cancer, hypertension and heart disease.  … the likelihood of obtaining various cardiovascular diseases is significantly decreased through the lifestyle encouraged by the Qur`an and Hadeeth.”

To see the full article please click here.


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