Muslim Family Services Banquet Dinner

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Muslim Family Services Banquet Dinner

by Samana Sheikh

The annual banquet dinner for Muslim Family Services was held at Burton Manor last night. Their main goal was to spread awareness about overcoming strife and difficulties through the various programs they have to offer.

Special guests Azhar Usman, Altaf Hussain and Khadega Mohammad, each had a chance to broadcast their voices during this venue.

They all found a common ground to discuss their community activism, personal experiences and to spread the word on how the community needs to work together.

However, besides the fine-dining and voices from special guests, all of the proceeds from this years dinner went to help Muslim Family Services open a men’s transitional home, and a jobs skills training center.

“We already have the Sakinah House,” said Jasmine Hasni, The Communications Outreach Coordinator for Muslim Family Services.

“But we also have a great need for the single men who need to get back on their feet.”

Muslim Family Services also wants to create a jobs skills training center for the entire community. The training will provide guidance to help anyone struggling to find a position in their area of expertise.

This jobs skills training center will be open for the entire public not only muslims.

In order to make a difference in the community everyone needs to work together. This years banquet dinner established educating the community and our youth. The dinner also provided funding for future projects that will make differences in several peoples lives.

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