MFS Gala Dinner

By Adil James, TMO
20130224_165546About 500 people gathered Sunday at Burton Manor for the Muslim Family Services annual gala and fundraiser, hearing a keynote speech by Dr. Jawad Shah.

The fundraiser earned about $100,000 to help MFS continue its vital work of serving as the backstop of the Muslim community until Ramadan–providing food and shelter and counselling support to those Muslim individuals and families who fall through the cracks between the individual masjid support services.

Dr. Jawad Shah gave a beautiful speech describing the essential nature of the family in Islam, saying even Muslims’ families break down in this society, and making the case for supporting a Muslim institution that provides essential support for families in need. He illustrated the essential nature of Islamic ettiquette in Islam, arguing that in fact is nothing more than etiquette between man and other men, between man and family, and most importantly between man and God. 

He pointed out that Islam points out the relations between people and other people, and between people and all creation.


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