Michigan Muslim Democratic Caucus Meet Mark Brewer

By Shahid Tahir

IMG_7694 Bingham Farms–On Friday, July 16, at 6:00 p.m. the Michigan Muslim Democratic Caucus at Dr. Shahid Tahir’s office, 30600 Telegraph Road, Suite 2226 in Bingham Farms hosted a meeting.  Representatives from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Palestine, and the African American communities were present.

Dr. Tahir, Seema Ahmed, and Muzammil Ahmed, opened the meeting.  They explained what the Michigan Muslim Democratic Caucus was and the purpose.  They emphasized the importance that the Muslim community be engaged in the political arena and have a voice in order to make policy changes.

Mark Brewer, Chairman of the Democratic Party, was pleased to see the Muslim communities come together and form the Michigan Muslim Democratic Caucus.

Next, Dr. Shahid Tahir and Seema Ahmed began the election proceedings for new Executive Board members.  It was announced that anyone who felt qualified to be on the Executive Board stand.  All eligible nominees were interviewed and added to the ballot.  Votes were taken and the election results were as follows:

IMG_7645 IMG_7633


Shahid Tahir, Chairperson
Seema Ahmed, Vice Chair
Mitchell Shamsud-Din
Mohammad Saleem
Arshad Jawad
Jakaku Tayeb
Haaris Ahmed
Ayesha Taj
Mohammad Abdullah
Abdul Latif Muhiuddin
Muzammmil Ahmed, Secretary
Abdul Karriem Mohammad, Treasurer

Questions were asked at the end of the meeting. 

In closing, Mr. Brewer thanked everyone for attending.


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