Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib Fundraiser in Dearborn

By TMO Staff

news190Dearborn–February 25–Rep. Rashida Tlaib spoke at a fundraiser this Monday in Dearborn, to committed supporters.  She made a point of thanking all those who had supported her in her elections, including  AAI’s I. Ahmed, Robert Ficano, Syed Taj, and the Muslim Observer. 

More than 50% of those present at the fundraiser actually happened to be Muslim Observer subscribers.

She thanked all those who had helped her win her election, and she explained her love of the city of Detroit and of her constituents in her district, and she said that she would do anything to help Detroit progress and improve.

At her office she works in human welfare, and she explained how she had used her office to help one family with six children that was on the verge of being foreclosed on because of past due payments–she had saved this family’s house for them and she noted that a church group had thanked her profusely for doing the good work of saving this family from a cruel eviction.

Rep. Tlaib explained she would always be ready to serve her community, her state, and her country.

Dr. Muzammil Ahmed, a prominent sponsor of Rep. Talib, was also ein attendance–he is the chairman of the Democratic party and chair of the MMCC.

Many of the leaders of the Arab community were also present.


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