Introducing Michigan’s First Annual Suhoor Fest

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Introducing Michigan’s First Annual Suhoor Fest

By: Samana Sheikh

Biting into a juicy hotdog topped with chili, onions, cheese and hot cheetoes is something you can now find at a stall at the first annual suhoor fest in Dearborn Heights. The vast variety of booths included food such as crepes, hibachi, lemonade and even sundaes.

“I wanted to create a new tradition for muslims fasting in America,” Hassan Chami said, the creator of Michigan’s First Annual Suhoor Fest. “Having a suhoor festival will bring friends and families together and unite other muslim communities nearby.”

The owners of Hot Diggity Dogs booth.


Crowds Stemming from Sterling Heights, Rochester Hills, Troy, Romulus and even West Bloomfield attended the suhoor fest.

“I enjoyed the spicy hot dog and the hibachi chicken,” Irfan Shareef said, a student from Rochester Hills. “They say food can bring people close, but the month of Ramadan brings us closer.”

The holy month of Ramadan is what made this food festival a reality. With people rushing to get a meal in their stomachs before the next 17-hour fast, an area dedicated with exotic food helps people decide faster with what they should eat before the time is up.

“Dearborn is predominantly arab but sharing this food festival with non-arab muslims is the ultimate goal,” Chami stated.“We also encourage our non-muslim neighbors to attend, enjoy good food and learn about our Ramadan traditions.”

The festival began Friday and Saturday 12:00 AM- 4:00 AM. The vendors participating were Hot Diggity Dogs, Coco Shack, Smiley’s Halal, Hookah Ave, Bliss House, Tacos to go, LaFork, Street Side Hibachi, Modern Day Pastry, Rafics Falafel, The Lemonade Stand, Llouchis Street Food, Berry’s Beverages and Leah’s Sundaze.


Two women working Leah’s Sundaze booth.

Over 1,500 people were able to attend on Saturday night.

“I had such a fun time tonight,” Rehman Sheikh stated, a student from Michigan State University.“I made sure to try food from almost every booth, this will be a new annual tradition for me.”

Make sure to attend the next annual sahoor fest for Ramadan 2019.

For updates, follow the committee at @ramadanfoodfestival on Instagram.

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