Michigan Muslim Community Council Annual Unity Banquet

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Michigan Muslim Community Council Annual Unity Banquet

by Samana Sheikh

On Sunday, the Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC) held the 31st annual Unity Banquet at Burton Manor in Livonia, Michigan. The keynote speaker was first Executive Director of Muslim Advocates, Farhana Khera.

Khera attended the event to give voice and reasoning to why the Muslim community needs to stand united. She talked about the Muslim advocacy and how no one should have to live in fear for their beliefs.

The fight to end the Muslim ban is far from over. However, Khera had a great deal of positive results that the Muslim advocacy has tried and succeeded in helping push back the ban.

“While the Muslim ban fight is far from over…I am so glad that my initial fears have proven wrong,” Khera said. “Today something is different and as I stand before you I have hope. While the challenges are serious and many and may even seem daunting at times, together I have hope that we can, and we will win this fight for the soul of our country.”

Khera continues the fight for religious freedom for everyone and for a brighter future. “This is not a time to be silent, to keep your head down and wish things would go away. This is time to act,” said Khera.

Another prominent figure at the banquet was Channel 7 reporter, Simon Shayket, who was recognized tonight for his inclusive reporting style. His continuous efforts on covering the Muslim ban protests have helped gain followers on the efforts being made.

The individuals who have made huge strides were not the only ones being brought into the spotlight. The individuals who have made large efforts in smaller regions were also called up on stage. Each member had a spotlight on them. The diversity of their efforts was recognized by all attending and will continue to inspire others to make effort.

The MMCC celebrated everyone who not only continues to make efforts in the community but for the support given by others, even non-Muslim Americans.

MMCC continues to host events like these to bring all groups of people together and to help keep the mission and move forward to bring social justice and unity to the community.

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