Mohammad Haroon Rashid seeks nomination for council

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Mohammad Haroon Rashid seeks nomination for council

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ—Mohammad Haroon Rashid, a seventy three year old businessman, has thrown in his hat for for the democratic primary in Ward 4 of the Atlantic City council. He faces the incumbent William Marsh and fellow challenger Steven Young.
Rashid moved to Atlantic City permanently in 1981 and has run a variety of local businesses. He said he has owned the Boardwalk store Not a News Stand since 2003.
He is the former president of the Masjid Al-Taqwa mosque in Atlantic City and served as a leader of the Muslim Community Organization of South Jersey.

Rashid said that as a business owner, he has struggled to deal with the bureaucracy of the city’s mercantile department. He said he wants to make the city’s relationship with entrepreneurs more efficient.


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