Muhammad: a Blessed Name for a Blessed Day

By Bana Qabbani and Hala Khalaf

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Parents recount their joy at the arrival of children on the Prophet Muhammad’s (s) birthday, with many, like those of baby Mohammed al Zaabinot, having no trouble choosing a name.  

Delores Johnson

Abu Dhabi–Given the date of his birth, there was no question about what little Muhammad al Zaabi’s name would be.

He came into this world on a date celebrated by Muslims worldwide as the one on which the Prophet Muhammad (s) was born.

“He arrived on such a special and historic day, what a beautiful gift for any family,” said the newborn’s mother, Hana Mohadda, 23. “When he arrived, his father immediately said, ‘We are going to name him Muhammad.’”

Little Muhammad came into the world at 36 minutes after midnight yesterday, the first baby born on that date at Corniche Hospital in Abu Dhabi, on the 12th day of Rabea al Awwal, according to the Islamic calendar.

Mrs Mohadda, a Moroccan who is married to an Emirati, said her contractions started midday on Monday. By 2.30pm, she was admitted to the hospital, eight days before her due date.

“I didn’t want to suffer hours of labour, but to have our baby born on the day of Al Mawlid Al Nabawi is a special and blessed occasion,” she said.

The delivery was without complications, even though the mother suffered a blood clot in her lungs two years ago following the birth of her daughter.

“I was very carefully monitored at the hospital, but Muhammad arrived without any problems, weighing 3.3kg and taking it easy on his mother, the good boy,” she said.

A few hours later, just down the hall, at 3am, the first girl to be born at the hospital on the Prophet’s birthday made her appearance. She weighed in at 3.9kg, arriving two days before her due date. She is the third of Asma Yousef’s children.

“I really wanted her to be born on February 15, which falls as the Prophet’s (s) birthday this year, and not on Valentine’s Day, because for us, the Prophet’s (s) birthday is a much more special day,” said Mrs Yousef, who was born and raised in the UAE but whose family is originally from Palestine.
“We haven’t named her yet, because we want to pick something special that has meaning and is from Islamic history, to commemorate this special day,” she said.

New mothers in Dubai were also delighted to have their babies born yesterday, describing the event as a double blessing.

At Al Wasl Hospital, 25-year-old Khaddija Muhammad, who is named after the Prophet’s first wife, named her daughter Ayesha.

Ayesha was named after another of the Prophet’s (s) wives who is often described both as the Prophet’s (s) favourite and as Umm al Mu’minin, or the Mother of the Believers.

“This is one of the best occasions ever, especially since Ayesha is my firstborn,” said Mrs Muhammad, an Emirati. “I have been trying to have a child and experienced a miscarriage before, so it is a good omen that my daughter is born on this day.”

Mrs Muhammad’s mother, Umm Abdullah, and her sisters said they were all overjoyed and touched to finally see her become a mother. Ayesha Fahad was born at 7.07am, weighing 2.89kg.

“I knew she was disappointed at not being able to conceive. I have six daughters and we have all been waiting for this day so we can share her joy of having a child,” said Umm Abdullah. “We thank Allah on this blessed occasion, it really is a big moment of happiness.”

Another Emirati mother who delivered at 7.24am in Al Wasl yesterday shared Mrs Yousef’s feelings of joy for having her child born on the Prophet’s birthday instead of Valentine’s Day.

The newborn, Ali al Ketbi, weighed a healthy 3.04kg.

“This is a great occasion, and I am really happy that my son, Ali, is born on a day that is meaningful to all Muslims,” said Zeinab al Kaabi, 19.


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