Mushtaq to Coach in India

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Mushtaq to Coach in India

By Parvez Fatteh, Founder of,

mushtaq-hopes-for-lasting-ties-with-india-1358621994-8670Former Pakistan  leg-spinner bowler, and current English national team bowling instructor, Mushtaq Ahmed has signed a deal with Indian Premier League cricket team Delhi Daredevils to work as their bowling consultant. However, Mushtaq has not made the appointment public due to the recent backlash in India over the presence of Pakistani athletes. “Mushtaq had finalized the contract but is avoiding a confirmation because there is still time for IPL and he does not want any unnecessary attention to be created and problems to arise because of his involvement in IPL,” sources told the press.

Mushtaq confirmed that he has got an “attractive and challenging” coaching offer from Delhi Daredevils for the IPL and said the deal would be finalized soon. “I have gone through the written offer to be bowling consultant for DD and documents are being exchanged. It is an offer that has interested me a lot. It should be finalized soon,” he told the media. “The offer from Delhi is an interesting and challenging one but it has got my interest for sure and until now I have had come positive discussions with the owners,” he said.

Mushtaq said that he had considered the IPL coaching offer as he was free of any commitments until the Champions Trophy in May and the Ashes series. The former leg-spinner works as bowling consultant for the England team and accompanied them on their tour to India recently.

It was his involvement with the England team that got the Delhi outfit apparently interested in hiring him as bowling consultant. “As a professional coach I am always looking forward to challenging assignments but obviously I am committed to the England team,” he said. The IPL season begins in April and lasts approximately six weeks.


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