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Muslim Google hits the Web

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ISTANBUL – A new search engine on the Internet was launched recently, but this time it is for Muslims only.

According to the Web site, it uses the database of the well-known search engine Google and is powered by it, but filters search terms in accordance with Islam.

It is stated on the Web site’s “About Us” section that the engine was built on the substructure of Google and anyone could build a similar site. Some terms are not available to search at all, while in the results for searchable terms, results about Islam come first. “The best search for Islam,” the Web site states on its main page, on which the color green, known as Islam’s color is used.

“This is a search engine to filter inconvenient results in search engines,” the Web site states. For example, a search for “alcohol” first lists results about alcohol in Islam. Meanwhile, words like “porn,” or its Turkish version “porno,” and the word “sex,” cannot be searched for using the engine. However, “seks” the Turkish word for “sex” can be searched.

The Web site also states that it has no affiliation with any individual or institution. Meanwhile Google stated that Web sites can use Google custom search to create custom search engines, but cannot abuse the Google brand or it will be disabled. However, the site cannot filter advertisements about terms that are searched, but they have a solution for that, “MüslümanGoogle.com does not profit from advertisements,” the Web site states, adding that all advertising income will be donated to charitable foundations that send aid to Palestine. The site can be reached at www.muslumangoogle.com.


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  1. Aishah Schwartz

    January 16, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    Hmm…I guess like the publisher, I also failed to ‘check the site’ referred to in this article before I published an announcement about it on my Face Book page; I back-tracked and found, “oops!” the site is not in English but is Turkish! Hmm…wonder if there is going to be an ‘English’ option….

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