Muslim Schools in Northwest Suburbs of Detroit

By Adil James, MMNS

Farmington–August 18–There is an overabundance of Muslim schools in Southeast Michigan.  Every one of the large mosques in the area also has a companion school. 

We intend to rate them here for the facility of our readers in choosing from among them, and also just to make it known that such facilities exist.

To begin with, we will describe two local schools in the Bloomfield area.  The first of these is the Muslim Unity Center (Bloomfield) Sunday School.  This is a Sunday-only program which currently has enrolled approximately 170 students.

According to its principal Hossam Musa (son of BMUC’s Imam Musa and also a hafiz Qur`an who sometimes leads tarawih prayers at BMUC), “We have Qur`an, Arabic, Islamic Studies.”  It is a Sunday only program, and “we are doing well and always trying to improve,” he explained.

The BMUC Sunday school was established over ten years ago. 

“It’s been there quite a while,” says Mr. Musa–”I’ve been there four years.”

The major Islamic school in the Southeast Michigan area is the Huda school.  The price of the Huda school is approximately $6,000 per year, with financial aid and scholarships available on a case by case basis.

Musa, the principal of the BMUC Sunday School program, has also been a teacher at the Huda School for about 4 years.

“I am trying not to be biased but it ranks number one of all the mosque schools in the area.”

Huda is Pre-K through 8th grade.  Students leave Huda to attend prestigious local high schools, such as Detroit Country Day, which is probably the best private school in the entire region.

“If you compare, says Mr. Musa, “Huda to those schools (which also have Pre-K through 8th grade classes), Detroit Country Day School costs approximately $27,000 per year and Huda is about $6,000.”

Musa explains that he judges the company by “its product,” which in this case are the students who leave Huda to compete favorably and even have a slight edge on their competitors from those prestigious schools.

“Our kids are known to perform at a slightly higher level,” he said.


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