Muslimah (V9-I36)

By Aneerah Ali, Muslim Media News Service (MMNS)


As the days have been soaring by
and life has been going on
one night i feel the shift in the air
summer is nearing the homestretch
i reflect on the coming morrow
and i feel the prickle of the hairs on my neck
as i further dwell on the realization
excitement and emotions flutter in my heart
that the days of the revelation are drawing close
if so granted by our Lord
we will rise way before the first light
to seal the path of nourishment
with desire to come close to our first love
to bow in praise and kneel for mercy
we dwell and ponder and marvel at the wonders
and heartily surrender the hours to supplication
Mercy will be within our reach
Fervently we will plead for it
and as the crimson heavens appear
we will pray and dine
And absorb the blissful air
while we give our full devotion
then will come the most divine of all moments
sometime after the twilight
when the faithful will weep, beseech and draw near
giving into utter surrender
in ardent apprehension
coming back to the present
I smile and make a quick prayer
oh Great Lord please give me the chance
to live the glorious Ramadan


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