Muslims ‘Check In’ in Solidarity With Standing Rock

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Muslims ‘Check In’ in Solidarity With Standing Rock

Nearing a million check ins on Facebook, including hundreds, if not thousands from Muslims, Standing Rock Indian Reservation would appear to be hosting currently 900,000 individuals. Well, they are–virtually. National activists working in solidarity with the reservation called for everyone to make their posts public and lend their support by giving a virtual presence to the site of the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline.

The reasoning?

One forwarded messaged said: “URGENT: The police are targeting water protectors through Facebook at Standing Rock and organizers are asking us to check in publicly in solidarity and make it harder for police to track them. #NoDAPL

From the organizers on the ground:

‘The Morton County Sheriff’s Department has been using Facebook check-ins to find out who is at Standing Rock in order to target them in attempts to disrupt the prayer camps. So Water Protectors are calling on everyone to check-in at Standing Rock, ND to overwhelm and confuse them.'”

The local sheriff’s department declined any truth to that statement.

The pipeline project is being protested by thousands of Native Americans and others for the very likely possibility of an gas leak on the tribal land. It is being touted as the first time in history that all Native tribes are uniting together. More information on the proposed pipeline plan and the current happenings on site can be found here. To learn more about Standing Rock Indian Reservation and what you can do to help, click here.

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