Muslims in Detroit participate in 5k run to provide resources for Youth Safety Against Violence

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Muslims in Detroit participate in 5k run to provide resources for Youth Safety Against Violence

by Samana Sheikh

On Saturday, June 2, muslims in the Detroit area are gathering to participate in the Fasting 5k to help raise funds against violence for two local charities, The B.L.O.C.K (Building Leaders out of Canton’s kids) Youth and Teen Center and The International Charity OBAT Helpers.

This marks the sixth year of the inception of the 5k run. Cities such as Detroit, Atlanta, Boston, Buffalo, northern Chicagoland, downtown Chicago, Columbus, New York City, Oakland, Toronto and Washington D.C will be participating in this specific 5k run.

Several participants will embrace the holy month of Ramadan by helping fundraise and most importantly unify as a society for a good cause.

“The B.L.O.C.K. Youth & Teen Center is thrilled to be one of this year’s recipients of proceeds from this annual Detroit area event,” said Laura Mortier, CPRP, recreation specialist. “We are grateful that Fasting5K participants are choosing to hold this fundraising event after observing a long day of abstaining from food and water during the holy month of Ramadan. This shows just how dedicated they are to making a difference in our community.”

The B.L.O.C.K Youth and Teen Center will receive 70 percent of proceeds from this event. The remaining 30 percent will be given to the International Charity OBAT Helpers.

OBAT Helpers is a non-profit organization committed to providing humanitarian assistance for Rohingya refugees who escaped genocide, persecution and are living in camps in Bangladesh. OBAT has worked to establish learning centers for 10,000 children, a fully-functioning medical center, clean water facilities and shelter for families. 2

“Safe, stable and nurturing environments are critical for young children,” said Jabeen Siddiqui Hamzavi, Fasting 5K lead for Detroit. “Whether it is in a suburb in Michigan, or a refugee camp in Bangladesh, all children are entitled to these fundamentals in order to thrive physically and emotionally. Participating in Fasting 5K is unique way for communities to join together to raise money for charities that support youth safety in their community and abroad.”

The event will start at 7:30 pm at Muslim Community of Western Suburbs (MCWS) located at 40440 Palmer Rd. in Canton, and is open to everyone in the area.

Also, if individuals cannot participate donations are always accepted by mail or on the websites of the charities participating.

The main goal is to help make this planet a safer and more inclusive environment. Providing assistance for children in the United States and nationally against physical and emotional abuse is the first step.

For more information or to register for the Fasting 5K Run and Walk, visit To learn more about The B.L.O.C.K. Youth & Teen Center, visit For more information regarding OBAT helpers, visit

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