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Muslims in Denver Building Clout

Press Release

During the week of August 25-28, the Democratic Party will hold its 2008 national convention in Denver CO. This grand event will be full of historic significance. The eyes – and TV cameras – of the United States, indeed of the whole world, will be riveted on this seminal event. In addition to about 5,000 delegates and alternates, Democratic political leaders from all over the country and tens of thousands of reporters and pundits from all over the world will assemble at the Pepsi Center. There will be thousands of speeches, interviews, caucuses, committee deliberations and the press reporting that will go on for 20 hours a day every day.

Many special interest groups will hold their events to promote their agenda and to attract press coverage.

In the past, Muslim American participation at the presidential nominating conventions has been marginal and feeble. This year, however, Muslim Americans intend to hold a star-studded show-stopper, a luncheon/reception showcasing scores of Muslim delegates and alternates as well as many Muslim leaders from around the country and invite the congressional and other leaders to address the group and arrange massive press coverage. By trumpeting their electoral strength, Muslim Americans hope to enhance their voice in the making of public policy.

This is a cooperative effort by American Muslims and the organizers are admonishing all Muslim Americans to support this ambitious but necessary initiative. For more information please visit www.am-dmc.org


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