Muslims and Jews Work Together for Local School

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Muslims and Jews Work Together for Local School

unnamedBy: Abdallah Kazbour, community submission

The Muslim Community Council and Jewish Community relations Council organized the second Nolan Elementary/Middle school makeover. Over 150 volunteers attended to paint murals, prepare classrooms, and organize the school library and hang educational posters. Both the Jewish and Muslim communities collaborated for this event. Nolan’s principal, librarian, teachers and other staff members joined in to help make this event a success.

Nolan currently serves as both an elementary and middle school due to its unique design. Engulfed in the heart of a hard working city, Nolan is a school rich in history. Built in 1946 and a monument of Detroit history—only a panoramic photo could fully capture the entire front of this classically built structure. With an infrastructure capable of supporting an after hours or weekend recreation center, the school is fully equipped with a pool and gymnasium. Nolan has great potential but unfortunately a lack of state funding.

“Although Detroit was once a booming city, it is defiantly back on the upswing, it’s a major city with access to the worlds largest fresh water supply and America’s auto capitol, I may not see Detroit’s come back, but hopefully the younger generation will” said Ricky Fountain, the principal.

The Muslim and Jewish communities are amongst the many banning together contributing to the rise of Detroit. Several of the educators and staff members at Nolan expressed gratitude, remarking that events like this make a difference to the students who appreciate the makeover and the initiative taken by others in support of the community.

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