Nabeel Gareeb

nabeel_gareeb[1] Nabeel Gareeb, the CEO of MEMC, has weathered many storms and has always rescued his company to safety. It is largely due to his efforts that MEMC involved in the sale if wafers and related intermediate products to the semiconductor and solar industries has become a global leader in the field. Even as Hurricane Ike was battering the West Coast MEMC did not face any major damage and and its operations are back to normal according to a company press release.

The continuing progress of MEMC has been spearheaded by Nabeel Gareeb who was recently named by the Forbes magazine as the highest paid CEO under the age of 45. His annual pay package for 2007 was a whopping $79.6 million.

Gareeb joined MEMC as CEO in April 2002. Gareeb’s appointment came after Texas Pacific Group purchased the company from its German owners in 2001 and recapitalised the business.

Prior to joining MEMC, Gareeb was the Chief Operating Officer of International Rectifier Corporation, a leading supplier of power semiconductors, where he was responsible for worldwide operations, research and development and marketing.

He joined International Rectifier in 1992 as Vice President of Manufacturing and subsequently held other senior management positions. Gareeb immigrated to US from Pakistan more than 25 years ago. He holds an MSc in engineering management, and a Bachelors in electrical and electronic engineering.


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  1. MEMC Employee
    MEMC Employee says:

    It was the employees at MEMC who where able to make it until Nabeel left that weathered the real storm (His reign of lies and greed).