Nazr Mohammed Contrite After Ejection

By Parvez Fatteh, Founder of,

Nazr Moahmmed 1

Chicago Bulls veteran center Nazr Mohammed got tangled up and knocked down by superstar Lebron James in Game 2 of Chicago’s second round playoff series with the defending National Basketball Association champions Miami Heat. James received a technical foul, but Mohammad quickly lost his temper and gave James a two-handed shove, sending him to the ground. Mohammed was immediately ejected from the game by the referees.

The 35-year-old Mohammed played 63 games for the Bulls this season and played a surprisingly instrumental role in their late season push and in their first-round upset of the Brooklyn Nets. Mohammed, the son of an immigrant from Ghana, played his college ball at the University of Kentucky. He was a first round draft pick in 1998, and has played for a number of teams in his career.
After the game, the classy Mohammed showed contrition for his act on Twitter. “Sorry for my overreaction & being ejected. I blacked out & just reacted after I was pushed down. I’m happy it only resulted w/ a push,” he stated.

He added, “For the kids who were watching… That not the way to react on the basketball court…Hopefully if I’m in the same situation again I will control my emotions but u never know what ur instincts will do. #SeeRed”

Fortunately for Mohammed and the Bulls, he did not receive a fine or suspension. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeaux, for his part, voiced his opinion that James flopped in order to exaggerate the shove from Mohammed. Mohammed, however, took the high road. “I’m trying to move on from that,” Mohammed told the Chicago Tribune. “I think I talked pretty long and I waited for you guys and kind of explained everything the other night. I don’t want to keep dragging it on, dragging it on. I mean, I think I covered everything.


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