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Necessary Changes

By Mamdud Ahmed

Mamdud Ahmed

The word ‘change’ often times gets a bad reputation because of its after effects. Not many are willing to implement changes straightaway without being able to see what sorts of benefits lies for them afterwards. But the reason why change is a good thing and often times necessary is because we humans don’t know the outcome of it.

It’s a very common thing, change. We see changes taking place in our bodies on a regular basis, with the growth of new cells, etc. We see changes in our worldly possessions, such as wear and tear on our cars, or furniture. Change is often overlooked in regards to history as well. Take for instance Islamic history, when the direction of the Qibla was changed from Jerusalem to Makkah. Not all were too happy with the change of the prayer direction. But it started a change of identity, brought about the succession of a new civilization. The reason why I mention change here is because change is now needed more than ever, especially in our everyday lives. We all know that the life of this world is nothing but deception. Changes that allow for our spiritual development is more beloved to Allah  than any types of changes we deem pleasing in terms of this world. However, living in these rough times in which many of the predictions of our beloved Messenger of Allah (s), have already come to fruition, such as the increase in bloodshed, the increase in riba, or usury (interest), disobedience to parents from their own children, and countless others, makes it difficult to practice deen. These series of events should make us realize that change in our lives must take place immediately because none of us know when the Angel of Death will come to take our ruh, or souls.

But what types of changes am I referring to? Well, I am talking about individual changes. It differs from person to person because we all possess different levels of knowledge, different passions, and different skills/talents. We have to utilize the trust that Allah has personally placed with each of us, and use that to plan for our akhira. Some small changes that we can make on a regular basis that will have a greater impact in the days ahead are some of the following but not limited to: reserving a small portion of the day and dedicating it completely towards the remembrance of Allah, via Qu’ran recitation, doing tasbeeh, etc. We can slowly start making our salahs with more concentration and devotion by learning about its importance. We should all keep in mind that the first question of the son of Adam will be about the salah. Change is necessary because the Creator Himself says in the Qu’ran that change towards goodness will not come till the person makes effort towards righteousness. May Allah give us all the ability to make minor, yet necessary changes in our lives that helps develop our connection with our Maker.


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