New Michigan Media In Michigan

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New Michigan Media In Michigan

By Adil James, MMNS Southeast Michigan correspondent


Detroit–November 14–The face of America is changing and perhaps the new face of America is change itself.  One reflection of our changing landscape is the movement to the center of ethnicities and religious groups once a part of the minority background.

And this movement affects journalism as well as other fields like politics.  A reflection of this change in the landscape of journalism is the increased importance of ethnic media.  New Michigan Media has been formed to promote Michigan ethnic media, in order to unify a broad range of ethnic and religious newspapers, radio outlets, and TV stations.

At an organizational meeting held at Wayne State University this past Saturday, New Michigan Media invited a wide variety of ethnic and religous outlets, including The Muslim Observer, several Jewish news outlets, Arab, Polish, Korean, Chinese,  Pakistani, Indian, Chaldean, Latino, African American, and Native American news outlets to organize as a united advertising force, to inform us about potential sources of advertising revenue, about which specific advertisers we should target as ethnic media, and about how the ethnic media services of California and across the nation have organized themselves in the last few years.
New America Media’s Sandy Close quoted former San Francisco Mayor spoke of the importance to politicians of ethnic media, and specifically of its importance to his success in his successful mayoral bid, “ethnic media, lose it or use it.”


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