No Rights Government

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No Rights Government

By Elder George

Two children who attended a private Christian school in Wisconsin were strip-searched by a social worker who entered Good Hope Christian Academy in Milwaukee, and had the children pulled from the classrooms and told to remove their clothing when she suspected their parents of spanking them.

This matter went to court, and the parents won their suit, but the trial revealed that strip-searching by social workers occurred on a routine basis. Whether the government takes away the children in El Dorado, Texas, or has them strip-searched in Milwaukee, the psyche of the government remains the same: it believes the children belong to them and not to the parents.

The concept of having children raised by the government originated with the beginning of the materialistic European influence that began 2,500 years ago. Plato recommended that all children be given to the state to raise and that the family unit had no place in the perfect state. This thinking is ingrained in the European psyche and as a result we are close to having a Platonic state in America. A recent government statistic indicates that only12% of 18 year-old Americans live with both natural parents. For all practical purposes the family has become extinct.

The idea of government control of people was once attributed to foreign despotic governments, not freedom loving America, but unfortunately reality indicates that we have an all-powerful government that extends it tentacles into every facet of family life.

It focuses on the domestic arena for in so doing it gains complete control over all societal values. “Women’s Rights” and “Gay Rights” laws serve as a means for destroying male authority in the home, which when finally accomplished under the guise of “equal rights” results in a monolithic government that enforces “no rights.” This “no rights” thinking was evidenced by Hillary Clinton in her promotion of universal healthcare when she said that once established those who did not want to participate would have their salaries garnished.

We now have a proliferation of surveillance cameras intruding into all areas of human activity. Electronic scanning equipment now track most of our movements. Finger printing, identification cards, social security numbers, and DNA samples now make us easily locatable and identifiable. All these activities result from our “no rights” status and further enforces that status.

Big and all intrusive government is an outgrowth of Western thought, which does not understand the patriarchal nature of the universe and the spiritual path of humanity. Western materialistic thought has a finite outlook that breeds self-indulgence and a disregard of the propagation and preservation of the race. This large government has become a necessity due to the lack of morals and ethics that once were supplied to children by parents. The government now enacts increasing numbers of laws to compensate for the lack of civil behavior by the populace.

Europe was the only place in the world that patriarchy did not exist. In the past 2,500 years Western man has conducted a systematic destruction of patriarchy wherever he went, and has now reached the point where family and patriarchy have all but disappeared. We are on the verge of a one-world tyrannical government that will impose “no rights” upon humanity.

We are at the end of times; this is not a prediction but an observation.

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