Obamacare & the Politics of Deceit

By Dr. Azher Quader

o-I-AM-OBAMACARE-570In spite of all the misinformation floating in the air, our country today took a giant step in removing one of the major barriers that had obstructed millions of our citizens from accessing health care for decades.

With the opening of the Health Care Exchanges across the country, Obamacare  (ACA) heralded today the end of denials for preexisting conditions, lifetime caps, and limitless liability. The dark days of financial ruin and bankruptcy from falling sick that for so long had haunted us can no longer threaten us. So many of our youth who were forced to purchase expensive plans to remain enrolled at their colleges can breathe easy too,  because they now have cheaper options available to them.

The politics of deceit on which Washington thrives and upon which special interests make their living notwithstanding, this piece of legislation  we predict, will go down in the nation’s history books as one that was most wanted and most beneficial for most people.

To be sure there will be wrinkles to be ironed out, there will be glitches to be fixed, so what? That is the nature of any plan with such far reaching implications when it gets adopted and seeks to be implemented. Those who claim they need to delay it for another year should answer, where have they been for all these years? If the endless debates of the past have shown us anything, it has been the arrogance and the indifference of the few whose belief it was that health care in America should remain the privilege of the employed and the old and not the right of citizenship.

The spiraling costs of healthcare had brought our economy to the brink of financial ruin when we saw some of our biggest and best companies run into bankruptcies. The stories of ordinary people unable to receive health care when they needed it the most have been common place and tragic. To those who claim we need to delay Obamacare further because it is bad for the economy, we ask where is the evidence? Since its inception we have seen savings from allowing our youth to remain on their parents’ plans as well as giving our seniors reimbursements for their prescription drug purchases. By opening up access for the many uninsured to get covered, we will reduce the practice of the indiscriminate yet inevitable use of  Emergency Rooms, the most expensive sites in our health care’s delivery system. By including free prevention services in the coverage of Obamacare we will embark upon a sensible approach towards promoting healthier life styles and healthier outcomes. With all these benefits to boot why would we choose to wait for another year? Yet the politics of deceit would have us believe that is the path of prudence.

When all else fails Washington throws a tantrum and shuts down the store. But elsewhere in the country the market places are open and humming with activity. For the people can spot a bargain when they see one and they are busy shopping.

If you are in the market, here are a few websites which provide useful information and help with enrolment:





Happy shopping!

Azher Quader, MD., Executive Director, Community Builders Council (CBC), info@mycommunitybuilders.com.


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