Obituary: Brother Naeem Saroya is No Longer With Us

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Obituary: Brother Naeem Saroya is No Longer With Us


Inna lillahi wa inna ilehi rajewoon (- To Allah, we belong and to Him we return).

May Allah accept this and forgive his short comings. O’ Allah, grant him mugfira’t and Janna’t.

Brother Naeem Saroya has been living in Metro Detroit since the late seventies. He left tremendous impact on the Muslim footprint in Metro Detroit, and national organization Islamic Circle of North America. Those who accomplish fast, depart soon!

Naeem has been backbone in formation and development of ICNA Detroit, CIOM, Masjid Ummar bin Khatab (Browns Town) and Majid e Falah (North Detroit/ Hamtramck). At a time when communities were still smaller or infancy, Naeem helped pull various communities together to achieve higher objectives. His work for MCWS, specially formation of Youth Group (YMFA) and Crescent Academy is remarkable. His work to bring ICNA and MAS closer is also incredible.

Naeem also served as ICNA’s Central Secretary General and has been part and parcel of ICNA’s growing up. He also served as President of Student’s Union at Univ. of Eng. & Tech. (UET, Lahore) and was a Member of Islami Jamiat e Talaba.

Naeem worked as Engineer with DTE and was retired. He was living in Ypsilanti, Mi for many years. Prior to that he was in Browns Town.

He left sister Nargis Saroya and two sons – Ali Abdullah and Ghazi Abdullah (both high school age). May Allah give the family sabr. And protect them.

Namaz e Janaza is expected on 5/23 after Zuhr Prayer in Dix Masjid (American Moslem Society, Dearborn) and burial next to the masjid.


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