Open Letter Re. Muslim Rohingyas in Thailand

Press Release

On behalf of entire Rohingya community, we, the members of the Free Rohingya Campaign (FRC), would like to express our disappointment with the decision of the Government of Thailand to send the stranded Rohingya refugees to an isolated island. This decision is inhumane and a clear violation of human rights. It violates several UN and International laws, especially the 1967 Protocol of the Geneva Convention, regarding Statelessness.

The Rohingyas in Burma have been rendered stateless after being denied their citizen rights since 1982. They are under the threat of extinction through a systematic genocidal campaign of the brutal Burmese junta. They are indeed the most oppressed people on earth.

This fact has been documented and corroborated by several international agencies, including the NGOs operating in the region.

It is the Burmese regime’s atrocity and inhuman treatment of the Rohingya Muslims that has been the Raison d’être for their forced eviction and refugee status in countries like Thailand. We are simply horrified to notice the Thai Government’s utter indifference to the plight of our people. We are sorry to state that the decision of the Thai Government mimics its hostile and hateful attitude towards its own Muslim minority who face daily persecution and religious oppression.

We call upon the Thai Government to stop this forced encampment of the Rohingya refugees immediately. We would like to call upon the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), and all member nations of the OIC to stop the Government of Thailand from forced encampment of the Rohingya Refugees in an isolated island that would kill them. We would also like to point-out that the restriction of movement against the Burmese Refugees in Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and other countries is in itself a crime that hinders their survival as human beings. We also call upon the UN human right bodies to take meaningful steps toward stopping the forced exodus of Burmese people in future. And we urge the international community to do everything that is within its power to stop such encampment of Rohingya refugees. It should also raise concerns about economic and political ties of the Thai and Chinese governments with the Burmese regime.

We call upon the UNSC to continue Burma’s Agenda in her next session as a serious issue and to support the demand for an arms embargo against the brutal regime.

We invite all Rohingyas worldwide to put a hand with FRC by standing a peaceful protest in front of the Royal Thai Embassies or her Consulate offices till the government repeat their decision against the Rohingyas and not to threat any other Burmese community in future. However, we hope Burmese community will give a meaningful hand with us in this regards.

We specially would like to call upon the Muslim communities from South-East Asia region to show their solidarity with our defenseless Rohingya Muslim and with Thai-Muslim community who are even under several maltreatments for longtime under Thai hypocritical regime.

Finally, we would like to request all democracy-loving countries to limit their business transactions with counties like Thailand, India, China and Russia that provide the lifeline to the brutal Burmese junta, through their economic bilateral ties.

Thanking you in anticipation.
With best regards,

(On Behalf of Central Executive Body)
Ko Ko Linn
Free Rohingya Campaign (FRC)
Headquarters (New York, United States of America)
Tel: 1-(646)-821-1475
Fax: 1-(347)-561-9901

cc: Prime Minister’s Office
United Nation Representative of Thailand (New York, U.S.A) Thai
Ambassador’s Office, Washington,
USA US Ambassador’s Office, Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand
Organization of the Islamic Countries (OIC)
Arab League
National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB)
All Burma Students’ Democratic Front (ABSDF) Headquarters
Euro – Burma Office
US Campaign for Burma
Amnesty International
Human Right Watch
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Headquarters
The Office of International Red Cross and Red Crescent (Headquarters)
HRE Grassroots Human Rights Education and Development Committee
Burma Campaign UK
Burmese Muslims’ Association (BMA)
All Related Medias
Rohingya Organizations


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    JIM.EKNON says:

    วันนี้ มีงานเร่งด่วน เอาไว้ให้เสร็จงานก่อนจะมาเข้ามาตอบแก ไอ้คุณ Ko Ko Linn

    Thai people & Thai goverment, We are reasonable to do anything for protecting our country.
    I’m sure you are misunderstanding about this news because you never come visit Thailand. So how can you know about Thai and current Thai Goverment.

    If you require to have knowledge that are able to lift up your educate about Thai. Please do not hesitate to send me E-mail. I will teach & explain you about Thai and about this stupid news that have their objective to destroy Thai & Thailand.