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Open Letter to President Bush

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah, Editor-in-Chief of The Muslim Observer

Mr. President you have been misleading us for the past 90 months without any regard to human dignity and freedom. You have brought immense hardships to fellow Americans because of your mishandling of our domestic and foreign issues.

You have wasted some $600 billion on a war that did not serve any purpose to anyone in the world except helping your favorite companies to make big bucks.

You have caused thousands of innocent lives to perish at the alter of your ego. Not only, you are the worst president in the history of America but you are also the worst human beings in our living memory. you have caused unimaginable misery to millions of Americans who are struggling to earn their bread honestly.

But why should we blame you. We only have to blame ourselves for electing you as our leader. In year 2000, when you were running for the president, we, Muslims, were naive to believe what you promised to the nation.

We were so paranoid about the prospect of electing a Democratic candidate whose vice Presidential choice was Jewish that we ignored your real agenda. We as leaders of the Muslim community failed to read you, understand you and comprehend your agenda.

We knew you were more inclined to people like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, but we did not pay much attention. We knew that you had close links with the giants of the oil industry, but we ignored that. We knew that you were representing the big financial houses, but we turned our eyes from that. Everyone of us with the exception of those American American Muslim leaders who probably understood your agenda better than anyone of us, joined the chorus in your support.

Even in 2004, when your agenda was well known and you had pushed our country in a war that the majority of us never wanted, our leadership did not learn any lesson from your past.

They either remained neutral in the 2004 presidential elections or supported you with their money and resources. So why should we blame you, we never looked at the reality from a rational and objective perspective.

We either voted you in because many of us feared the names on the opposite ticket, or because we did not understand the electoral politics of this country.

We have not learned from our mistakes. We have hardly any effort going on in terms of organizing us for the forthcoming elections.

We have not heard anything concrete from our organizations and leaders about the presidential elections.

We probably think that through some magical wand we would be able to mobilize and educate the Muslim masses about the real issues that the country faces today.

Mr. President, we admit that we are an accomplice in what you have pushed our into during the last 90 months.

Most of did not even admit that we made a mistake in electing you.

Most of us did not even question or challenge you for what you have done to this country.

Hopefully, the disaster that you have imposed on our people will awaken them before you leave the office and we as a community will mobilize ourselves to ensure that we do not repeat the same mistake again.

We need leaders who can give us an objective analysis of the situation we face in this country and we need leaders who work hard to educate and inform us of the real challenges that we as Americans face.

Until then, we will continue to suffer your presence in our nation’s White House.


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