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Our Kids, Our Future–An Artistic Display at the 2nd Annual Youth Art Exhibition

By Almas Akhtar

1st prize winner in the 16 to 20yr old age group; Name:Daniyaal Waqas Khan; Age :19yrs; Sketch of his brother; organizer :Almas Akhtar; Photographer:Shan Ul Haq
1st prize winner 11 to 15yr old kids age group; Name : Naail Chaudry; Age :12 yrs; Painting:”In my Mother’s Arms”; (true story of an Iraqi Orphan); Organizer:Almas Akhtar; Photographer:Shan Ul Haq
1st prize winner in 5 to 10yr old kids age group; Name :Yumna Jahangir,age 9yrs; painting,watercolours  “Beauty of Pakistan”; 2nd youth art exhibition,2012; organizer:Almas Akhtar; photographer:Shan ul Haq

It was a beautiful February day for the children who participated in the 2nd Annual Art exhibition, an event which was just for them.

The event organizers were The Indus Community Action Network, The Citizens Foundation and Pakistan Association of America. They organized the art event on Saturday, February 4, 2012 at Desoto Ball Room at the  Hyatt Regency Dearborn, MI, where Pakistani American and Indian American children displayed their artistic acumen.

78 children sent 133 beautiful and eye catching entries of their paintings and sculptures for this art exhibition.   The participants were all residents of the state of Michigan. It took three halls to display their exhibits.

Depending upon the age they were divided into three categories, 5-10 years, 11 to 15 years and 16-20 years. Well known social activists who organized this event did a commendable job in organizing and displaying the art exhibits.

A stream of parents, children and community members continued to flow in from its opening from 12:30 PM till the prize distribution at 4:30 PM.

The visitors simply could not believe their eyes seeing such high caliber paintings and sculptures. The exhibition portrayed the enormous talent of these children. The children themselves couldn’t contain their pride and joy when appreciated by visitors.  They would call in their parents to hear visitors’ comments or praise about their paintings. It was a day of joy for these children to see their art projects displayed on easels and tables, while their parents felt proud of their sons and daughters.

Before the winners were announced the organizer’s representatives spoke to the audience introducing their organization in brief. They spoke of their vision and their organization’s future plans.

Following this brief introductions winners were announced.

The runner’s up prize in the 5 to 10 year old age group was awarded to Areesha Hassan.

Yumna Jahangir won first prize in this category for her water color painting depicting the beauty of Pakistan.

Arsam Haroon won the runner’s up prize in the 11 to 15 year old age group.

Naail Chaudry won first prize for his painting “In my mother’s arms” in the same age group.

The runner’s up prize in the 16 to 20 yrs. old age group went to Ali Imam.

And the first prize in the same age group went to Daniyaal Waqas Khan.

There were two special prizes for “Most Creative Painting/Sketch” awarded to Saood Kabir and “Most Creative Sculpture/Craft/JewelryPiece” awarded to Sama Khan.

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