Pakistani American Wins GOP Nomination: VA State Assembly Election

An upcoming Pakistani American leader, Faisal Gill, has won Republican party’s nomination to run for a House of Delegates seat from Virginia Assembly’s 51st district. An attorney and a former Department of Homeland Security official, Gill was declared Republican nominee at the party’s convention after a stiff competition with Julie Lucas, a member of the Prince William County School Board.

Faisal Gill will now face Democratic candidate Paul Nichols in general election in November. The 51st district is mainly composed of Wooedbridge and some parts of Manassas area.
A cheering Gill thanked residents of the area for expressing trust in him and vowed to work on issues he stressed in his campaign including transportation, immigration, lower taxes and family values.

He thanked Lt Governor Bill Bolling, Delegate Scott Lingamfelter, Corey Stewart and many other prominent Americans of the area for their endorsements. He also thanked Pakistani Americans for their encouragement throughout the campaign, particularly community activists Johny Bashir, Chaudhry Akbar, Rashid Gill, Jamal Baloch, Insaf Khan, Farid Khalid, Anwar Iqbal and members of National Association of Pakistani Americans including Hafiz Habib, Malik Gulbaz, Zafar Syed, Hanif Akhtar and Chauhdry Abdullah and Saqib Ali who contributed significantly to success of his campaign.

Meanwhile, members of Pakistani American community have hailed Faisal’s nomination and expressed their continued support for the candidate, who, they say, has earned respect of all communities for his hard work, commitment to duty and integrity over the years.


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