Pakistani Student Snubs US Ambassador

Courtesy NNI (News Network International)

ISLAMABAD –The US Ambassador in Islamabad, Anne W. Patterson faced embarrassment on Wednesday when a Pakistani student refused to receive award from her as a protest over recent US air strike in the country’s tribal region.



File:  U.S.-Pakistan Am-bassador Anne Patterson

Samad Khurrum, a school student, did not receive award at the hand of the US envoy who was chief guest at a function at the Islamabad’s National Arts Gallery, participants at the function said.

Private TV channels also reported the news.

The student of a private school was quoted by the private TV channels as saying that he will not receive the award from the US ambassador to protest over deaths of Pakistanis in the US air strike.

The student also did not shake hand with the American envoy and left the stage.

“I can not receive award from the US ambassador after the attack,” the student said, according to private TV channels.

Refusal of the student caused embarrassment for the American ambassador, who said that the air strike was unfortunate and that both governments are investigating the incident.



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