Paper Calls for China, India Alliance

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Paper Calls for China, India Alliance

Hindu Times

China it seems is looking towards India to form a new alignment and counter the United State’s policy of expanding influence in Asia.

Few days after commenting that India’s democratic system and hostile media were the impediments against better Sino-India relations, a government-run newspaper said that the two countries should set aside differences to offset the US’s foray into the region.

“…the development of the China-India relations is being tested by the United States’ strategic adjustment in the Asia-Pacific Region, which will have a complicated and in-depth influence on the future of China-India relations,” the People’s Daily said in an opinion piece.

It referred to the first US-Japan-India trilateral dialogue held last year and said the effort was to besiege China. Instead of getting into an apparent anti-China effort, India should enter into a strategic partnership with China that will create,”… a mutual trust and benefit featured Asian security environment and deter penetration from foreign powers who attempt to interfere with Asian affairs.”

In November, President Barack Obama said that the US would expand its military influence in the Asia-Pacific region. So, it is to counter this US attempt that China is now looking at India.


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