Passion for Henna Tattoos Contributes to a Successful Fundraiser in Arizona

By Nidah Chatriwala


Highlights from Eid Henna Fundraiser by Isra Mishqat

In the season of festivities and gift giving, many Muslims are found shopping and cooking for Eid. Isra Mishqat, on the other hand, organized a henna fundraiser to send money to poor families who are unknown to her.

Using her decadelong passion for henna art, she organized a three-day open house and invited the public to get their henna tattoo done in the occasion of Eid.

“Often times my friends, family and classmates get their henna done from me and as Eid rolls around, I know it’s an opportunity to make some quick pocket money as the entire Muslim community wants henna,” Mishqat admitted.

This isn’t the first time when Mishqat has used her gift of henna tattooing to help the community.

“Last year, I thought I could take advantage of this influx of henna demand and start a henna fundraiser. All the money was donated to the Cultural Cup Food Bank,” Mishqat said.

Success from last year’s fundraiser carried into this year as Mishqat aimed to bring relief to Muslims suffering in Palestine and Syria through her love for henna.

“This year, I thought I could do the same thing and donate the money to emergency appeals in Palestine and Syria since thousands of innocent civilian lives have been lost due to war and conflict,” Mishqat expressed.

Mishqat’s intention to help fellow Muslims enjoy Eid was clear.

“I thought that we Muslims of the Phoenix community celebrate and feasts during Eid, Muslims in Palestine and Syria might not even have access to clean water at the least. If I could raise enough money to make a single person’s day even one percent better, I would consider myself successful,” Mishqat expressed.

Mishqat’s henna fundraiser was held in her family home where attendees willfully contributed to the cause.

Chaltu Roba came to get her henna done for Eid and left with a sense of volunteerism. When asked what she thought about Mishqat’s henna fundraiser, she replied, “I think it’s for a good cause and it’s one way to help people who are suffering right now.”

In the three-day charity drive Mishqat was able to raise $603, which ended up being $203 above her goal. The proceeds will be divided equally and sent via Islamic Relief’s emergency appeals.


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