Praise Allah!

A Poem By Ayesha Khadija

I use to wonder many things most of all why I felt so alone
it was not until I found Islam when I found my home
many brothers and sisters, i’ve gained and lost along the way
the ones who were sincere with me, are the ones here to stay (in sha allah).
The wrong ones will come trying to lead you away
but listen to Allah and what the Prophet (peace be upon him) had to say
I want to follow all the sunnah, and i’m still learning the way
I want to be in jannah with all them on that wonderful day
I have realized many things since I found the true way
most importantly I am not alone as I was once with dismay
the struggle is much harder but Allah fills me with strength
the road I am on now seems much larger in length
and somehow I’ve become so thankful for the struggles that I face
when I first made this transition I took it as a race
trying to learn so much so fast not worried for my pace
then a sister told me be easy on yourself dont rush to learning
this is a journey it is not a race.
I am learning new things every day from those who will assist
good brothers and sisters who never give up and insist
Praise Allah for the trials I have beared
the people I have lost
the people that have stayed
the ones who have done me wrong
and for the forgiveness in my heart
Praise Allah for the trials yet to come
the story yet to be written
the deeds yet to be done
Praise Allah for kindness and mercy
for sadness and for joy
for tears and for smiles
Praise Allah for the most wonderful gift
when He showed me Islam
Praise Allah when the storm comes
Praise Allah when it is calm
Praise Allah for patience when I just want to scream
Praise Allah for hardships when things arent as they seem
Praise Allah for guidance when shaiytan wishes to lead you away
Praise Allah for forgiveness each and every day
May Allah keep us all safe and gude us to the right path may Allah protect us from shaiytan and his temptations of this dunya may Allah forgive us for the things we have done may Allah have mercy on us and we enter jannah together AAMEEN……………….
Our futures are unknown to us
always be kind to one another
and don’t forget to TRUST………

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