Pres. Bush Must Apologize to HLF for Terror Accusation

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Pres. Bush Must Apologize to HLF for Terror Accusation

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah, TMO Editor-in-Chief

The Holy Land Foundation is exonerated. It was a mistrial, said the judge.

Jury didn’t give a guilty verdict in terrorism related charges. The government failed to convince 12 men and women selected to be the jurors that the HLF was a conduit for Hamas. The case was built on the intelligence reports provided by the Israeli intelligence, MOSAD and other groups.

The jurors refused to buy in the government case and proved the point that no matter how intense is the propaganda, people are not dumb to make a distinction between right and wrong.

The Israeli intelligence wanted to strangulate the Palestinians in order to pressurize them to succumb to the demands of Zionist political leaders. The HLF had emerged a very effective relief organization since its foundation in 1988 in Los Angeles. The funds raised by the HLF were disbursed to the Palestinians living in refugee camps or in areas constantly came under the attack of Israelis. Israel didn’t any relief to reach the poor and Hungary as the political entity that claims to have been created by the will of God believes that depriving people of their divinely ordained livelihood is the best weapon to impose its political will.

The most substantive evidence in the case came from a US diplomat who explained that there was no evidence to prove that the HLF was providing zakat money to Hamas outfits or its controlled organizations.

The case highlights how the government used the tax dollars money to harass its own citizens. It also proves the inhumanity of the Bush administration that froze the HLF accounts and deprived hundreds of Palestinian from receiving financial help. It also proves that Israel is willing to do anything to secure its interest even it means concocting evidence or using the US judicial system to its advantage.

The victory of HLF is a victory of truth and justice. It is a defeat of racist bigots and the perpetrators of injustice.

We must demand that the money seized by the government must be released. The HLF foundation must go after the state of Israel and the government seeking adequate compensation for the damage the two have caused to the HLF. Those who believe in the cause of justice must support it and demand that President Bush retrieves his allegation against the HLF that he made a few years from the White House.

President Bush must apologize for the harassment his words caused to donors, and he must be held accountable for misinforming the country about Muslim charitable organizations.


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