Press Release: Appeal for Help (Hamdan)

Statement of the Defense and Support Committee for Abdel Jabber Hamdan to the Muslim community:

After spending twenty six months and four days in detention without being charged with a crime, Abdel Jabber Hamdan has been finally released. Mr. Hamdan is a Qur`anic scholar and devout Muslim who has six American-born children.

We all should be proud of the Hamdan family who stood their ground with unimaginable patience, unity, and in an organized manner in fending off the unjust accusations against their sole supporter.

The government continues to pursue the legal proceedings so heavy for this family which endured his long detention. Mr. Hamdan must prevail to set another precedent against the injustice in the land of the free.

Your financial support is greatly appreciated. We urge you immediately to support this family in their predicament by direct deposit into the Hamdan’s checking account.

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