Pro-Democracy Protestors in Dearborn in Front of City Hall

By Noor Salem, TMO

noorsalemHundreds of people gathered in front of Dearborn City Hall protesting for democracy in Egypt. After the news of the military coup reached the states, protestors hit the streets nationwide. Innocents have been killed, adults and children alike. The protestors who gathered in Dearborn were not all Egyptian. No, they were of every nationality. They were of color and white. They were humans, and they stood for humanity.

The protestors in Dearborn stood for Democracy, feeling for those being tortured and oppressed in Egypt. Various people took hold of the microphone, each emphasizing the stand for democracy and freedom. One mentioned they are there for the hundreds of workers who were arrested right before the military coup came in. 17 channels were immediately shut down and not only the broadcasters, not only the media crew, but even the janitors were arrested. “Is this democracy,” he said?

Many drivers honked their horns and waved their hands supporting the protestors and chanting on with them.

The media that promised to be there decided to not show up, claiming they are busy. Perhaps they are too busy to stand for the truth.


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