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Prophetic Manners / Etiquette

By Adil James, TMO

Mufti Hussain Kamani speaks to the audience at MCWS about ‘adab at the Prophetic Manners and Etiquette seminar.

Canton–March 8, 2014–MCWS held a seminar on the vitally important issue of prophetic manners and etiquette. 

Many people were present for the seminar, approximately 200 people packed the gym at the mosque; the seminar was taught from a prepared Powerpoint presentation by Mufti Hussain Kamani of the Qalam Institute.

The Qalam Institute charged an admission fee for those who attended, and the students registered.

Mr. Kamani has a classical Islamic education and is very knowledgeable about the faith.  He studied in an Indian madrasa, and is taught by a shaykh as well.

He broke his day-long presentation into three broad categories, manners with the self, manners with family, and manners with society.

Then he went through several different issues in each category, quoting ahadith relevant to those issues.  It seemed as though he had studied the ahadith in great detail and then passed on to his listeners those lessons he had learned which were most striking to him. 

He advised, for example, to initiate Salaams; he said Prophet (s) never used foul language and disliked to hear it.  He said Prophet (s) when he spoke would speak succinctly and beautifully, emphasizing that the Companions could “count his words.”

Kamani also said that the most hated person in Allah’s eyes is a quarrelsome person. Also he said that “kindness adds beauty” to everything, and when kindness is withdrawn from anything that thing becomes defective.

Kamani gave many other pearls of wisdom from Prophet’s (s) beautiful teachings, and the audience of all ages listened attentively, many taking notes.

Mr. Kamani provides the same seminar in many other locales–for more information please see qalaminstitute.org.


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