Quit Smoking Forever, This Ramadhan!

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Quit Smoking Forever, This Ramadhan!

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Press Release from the Muslim Community Fund

Quit smoking.jpg While fasting, we’re not allowed to smoke. Considering our fasts this year last up to 17hours, it’s a great opportunity, to hold on a little more, and quit smoking altogether! No better time than the present. You’ll feel physically better after a few days.

Why not add a new dimension to your motivation, as well as benefit spiritually, by announcing on this site (by making your own sponsorship page) that you’re quitting smoking, from Ramadhan 2010 onward.

The benefits are many: 1) it will inspire others to quit smoking too! 2) you will have increased motivation to quite, since you’ll be telling your friends as well as your community 3) the people your telling will (hopefully) help you 4) you can raise funds through sponsorship, and also the money your saving from buying smokes, all toward lasting change.

It’s all part of our efforts to heal individuals, our community and our world.

Quit smoking today!

Some useful guidance to help you.
– QUIT is the independent charity whose aim is to save lives by helping smokers to stop. http://www.quit.org.uk/– NHS Smoke Free -  http://smokefree.nhs.uk/


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