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Raheem Khan honoured with ‘Do the Right Thing’ award

PUNTA GORDA, FL–Raheem Khan, 15, a 10th grader at Charlotte High School, was honored with the “Do the Right Thing’ award for helping put out a fire.

On June 29, while driving, Raheem saw a fire on the side of Burnt Store Road, pulled over and began stamping on it with his feet. The fire was getting bigger despite his efforts, so Raheem grabbed a mat to use. A woman also pulled over and called 9-1-1, and when firefighters arrived, they contained the fire and thanked Raheem.

The awards are sponsored by the Punta Gorda Police and have been regularly awarded since 1995 in Charlotte County. Winners receive a trophy, a key to the city and a $50 gift certificate.



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One comment
  1. Lea

    October 4, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    Raheem is the most amazing person in this world, saving our town and all :D

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