American Muslims celebrate Ramadan and Eid their own way

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American Muslims celebrate Ramadan and Eid their own way

by TMO Staff

While visiting any Muslim majority country during the holy month of Ramadan, anyone can easily see that it is a special time for Muslims. From the lanterns hanging alongside the streets to the delicious cuisines.

American Muslims do not get to experience what Muslims in other countries get to experience. Children of Muslim immigrants don’t get to see what their counterparts are doing in Muslim countries. American Muslim children have grown up seeing Christmas trees and houses adorned with lights. Naturally they would ask their parents why don’t we do that as well.

To showcase the importance of Muslim holidays and to make it festive for children, American Muslims have turned to arts and crafts.

If one was to go on Pinterest and look up “Eid” or “Ramadan”, they would find many ideas on how to decorate their house, their dinging table and any fun ideas for kids. These décor ideas might seem a little extra or frivolous, but they play an important part for American Muslims. To be living in a country that doesn’t necessarily celebrate your religion, finding any way to celebrate can mean a lot.

These decorations show American Muslim children that they too can celebrate their religion here and that it can be a fun too. In a way, decorating you house for Ramadan and EId can form a new tradition for your family.

Some families have chosen streamers and balloons and some have chosen to make calendars in the shape of mosques with 30 squares so children can count the days of Ramadan. Other have made banners that say, “Ramadan Mubarak” and “Eid Mubarak” and have posted their pictures on social media to share their celebration with their friends.

An addition to these decorations celebrating Islamic holidays, Muslims have also been working on new dishes such as appetizers. They take traditional dishes from Muslim countries and mix them up a little and make it American. They have little crescent moons on top of dates and traditional sweets alongside American sweets.

The decorations and dishes have been trending and have caught the eyes of Party City. Before Ramadan started, Party City came out with décor and party essentials do that Muslims could celebrate Eid. Hopefully, other companies also come out with their own line of Ramadan and Eid celebration essentials, so that we have a variety to pick from.

Needless to say, American Muslims have combined American culture with traditional Muslim cultures effortlessly and it looks pretty nice. Pinterest has many ideas one can see!

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