Rashida Tlaib to Run for Michigan Senate

By Adil James, TMO

Rep. Tlaib meets with community members from her 12th congressional district.

Michigan congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (who represents Michigan’s 12th congressional district in Michigan’s House of Representatives) has announced she will contest for the 4th District Michigan State Senate Seat.  Michigan’s 4th senate district is a heavily gerrymandered, heavily democratic district which stretches from 8 Mile Road down through parts of Dearborn, from MI 39 across to MI 53.
Michigan’s senate only has 38 members, far fewer than the 110 representatives and definitely a step up in Tlaib’s political weight class.  Senators are term limited to two terms  of four years each (8 years) and the incumbent, Virgil Smith, was first elected to the senate in 2010 and will be completing his first term when the November 2014 election cycle comes.

Rashida Tlaib is the pride and joy of the Muslim community in Michigan–a woman from a very large immigrant family from Palestine, without money, who rose quickly through the educational ranks, through university and law school, and then dedicating herself to community service without thinking of advancing her own personal star–she was advised by her employer, the previous holder of her current seat in Michigan’s House of Representatives, to run for office herself (which speaks to both of their sincerity and integrity since her predecessor Rep. Tobocman is Jewish); and she did all of this before anyone from the Muslim community’s institutional power structure really noticed what she was doing or acted to help.

But now Muslims throughout Michigan feel pride to know that she has ascended so far through her good heartedness, strong willingness to help others, and devotion to community service.

In a press release her staff sent recently, Rep. Tlaib emphasized her strengths of working “hard to elevate the voices of our community in a unique and powerful way, exemplified by creating one of the strongest constituent services programs in the state—my local Neighborhood Service Center.”

She emphasized especially all of the community service she has been able to do as a representative.

“Although my hard work in Lansing is significant,” she said,  “I am most proud of the accomplishments of the neighborhood service center because it is about improving the lives of people right here at home. The service center:

•    Helped over 400 families save their homes from tax foreclosure
•    Increased access to weatherization programs to over 250 families
•    Stopped utility shutoffs for hundreds of families
•    Gained better city services for thousands of residents
•    Provided free tax preparation services to over 1,500 families, bringing in over $1 million in refunds that refueled our local economy
•    Promoted childhood literacy by distributing over 20,000 free books.
•    Increasing resources available to local block clubs by obtaining over $25,000 in public safety grants.
•    Connected hundreds of our youth with college admissions representatives and assisting graduating seniors with their financial aid applications.”

“I am fully committed to providing strong representation, and serve as a forceful voice in the Michigan State Senate, for the residents who elect me. As my advocacy and legislative record demonstrates, my work ethic and principles are unwavering in the face of corporate interests and political lip service that does not put our community first. I will remain steadfast to the values of fairness and justice, even when special interest groups such as the Ambassador Bridge Company, or the billionaire Koch Brothers, try to take advantage of our families.

“Please join me in doing more for our families by making a donation to my campaign or signing up to volunteer.

“As your State Senator, I will expand the work I have started to serve more families and demand we get our fair share of resources to make our neighborhoods cleaner and safer…because we deserve no less.


Rep. Rashida Tlaib

Rep. Tlaib’s hard work has been recognized by both the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News.

“Rashida…has an unshakable work ethic and visibility in her district that makes her an indispensable member of the House.” Detroit Free Press July 15, 2012

“There’s no harder worker or stronger voice for her constituents than two-term veteran Rashida Tlaib, who goes the extra mile with a neighborhood center where thousands have been helped with issues ranging from tax preparation to utility shutoffs.” Detroit News, July 2012


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