Re: Christian Hospitality

Upon my recent visit to the United States I have come across a unique observation which is beyond my imagination. We all talk about unity, tolerance, understanding, patience, and many other things. These are very easy phrases to talk about but very hard to translate into reality.

The Christian community of this great country has translated this into reality and I, as a Muslim, take my hat off to them. I would like to extend my sincere gratefulness and I salute the Christian community on behalf of the Muslims of Warrington City, UK for the wonderful gesture of religious tolerance and understanding.

This unique and wonderful gesture is allowing Muslims to perform their Friday afternoon prayers in some Churches where Mosques are unavailable is what I speak of and appreciate from the Christian community of America.

I wanted to express this profound gratitude to the Christian community of this great country through your paper.

Hasan Kazi
Chairman, Council of Faiths
Warrington, UK


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