Register Now to Vote in Primary Election!

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Register Now to Vote in Primary Election!

A press release from the Michigan Secretary of State:

Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land reminds residents that Monday, Dec. 17 is the last day to register to vote in the Jan. 15 presidential primary election.

Voters may register in person or by mail. The mail-in form is on the Department of State Web site at First-time voters who register by mail must vote in person in their first election, unless they hand-deliver the application to their local clerk, are 60 years old or older, are disabled, or are overseas.

To check their registration status, voters may visit the Michigan Voter Information Center at

When they arrive at the polls Jan. 15, voters will be asked which party’s primary they wish to vote in and they will receive a ballot for that party. That ballot will also contain any special election issues. For voters who wish only to vote in the special election, they can ask for a ballot that does not include presidential candidates. This election replaces the regular February election for this year only.

Voters are again reminded of the identification requirement. They will be asked to present photo ID at the polls, such as a Michigan driver’s license or identification card.

Anyone who does not have an acceptable form of photo ID or is not carrying one can still vote. They will sign a brief form stating that they’re not in possession of a photo ID. Their ballots will be included with all others and counted on Election Day.

Additional information is available on the Department of State Web site at


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